Bioconductor ExperimentData Packages

Bioconductor version: 3.4

Package Maintainer Title
ABAData Steffi Grote Averaged gene expression in human brain regions from Allen Brain Atlas
affycompData Harris Jaffee affycomp data
affydata Harris Jaffee Affymetrix Data for Demonstration Purpose
Affyhgu133A2Expr Zhicheng Ji Affymetrix Human Genome U133A 2.0 Array (GPL571) Expression Data Package
Affyhgu133aExpr Zhicheng Ji Affymetrix Human hgu133a Array (GPL96) Expression Data Package
Affyhgu133Plus2Expr Zhicheng Ji Affyhgu133Plus2Expr (GPL570) Expression Data Package
AffymetrixDataTestFiles Henrik Bengtsson Affymetrix data files (CEL, CDF, CHP, EXP, PGF, PSI) for testing
Affymoe4302Expr Zhicheng Ji Affymetrix Mouse Genome 430 2.0 Array (GPL1261) Expression Data Package
airway Michael Love RangedSummarizedExperiment for RNA-Seq in airway smooth muscle cells, by Himes et al PLoS One 2014
ALL Robert Gentleman A data package
ALLMLL B. M. Bolstad A subset of arrays from a large acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) study
alpineData Michael Love Data for the alpine package vignette
AmpAffyExample Rafael A. Irizarry Example of Amplified Data
AneuFinderData Aaron Taudt WGSCS Data for Demonstration Purposes
antiProfilesData Hector Corrada Bravo Normal colon and cancer preprocessed affy data for antiProfile building.
aracne.networks Federico M. Giorgi, Mariano Alvarez ARACNe-inferred gene networks from TCGA tumor datasets
ARRmData Jean-Philippe Fortin Example dataset for normalization of Illumina 450k Methylation data
AshkenazimSonChr21 Who to complain to Annotated variants on the chromosome 21, human genome 19, Ashkenazim Trio son sample
bcellViper Mariano Javier Alvarez Human B-cell transcriptional interactome and normal human B-cell expression data
beadarrayExampleData Mark Dunning Example data for the beadarray package
BeadArrayUseCases Mike Smith Analysing Illumina BeadArray expression data using Bioconductor
beta7 Jean Yang Rodriguez et al. (2004) Differential Gene Expression by Memory/Effector T Helper Cells Bearing the Gut-Homing Receptor Integrin alpha4 beta7.
bladderbatch Jeffrey T. Leek Bladder gene expression data illustrating batch effects
blimaTestingData Vojtech Kulvait Data for testing of the package blima.
breastCancerMAINZ Markus Schroeder, Benjamin Haibe-Kains Gene expression dataset published by Schmidt et al. [2008] (MAINZ).
breastCancerNKI Markus Schroeder, Benjamin Haibe-Kains Genexpression dataset published by van't Veer et al. [2002] and van de Vijver et al. [2002] (NKI).
breastCancerTRANSBIG Markus Schroeder, Benjamin Haibe-Kains Gene expression dataset published by Desmedt et al. [2007] (TRANSBIG).
breastCancerUNT Markus Schroeder, Benjamin Haibe-Kains Gene expression dataset published by Sotiriou et al. [2007] (UNT).
breastCancerUPP Markus Schroeder, Benjamin Haibe-Kains Gene expression dataset published by Miller et al. [2005] (UPP).
breastCancerVDX Markus Schroeder, Benjamin Haibe-Kains Gene expression datasets published by Wang et al. [2005] and Minn et al. [2007] (VDX).
bronchialIL13 Vince Carey time course experiment involving il13
bsseqData Kasper Daniel Hansen Example whole genome bisulfite data for the bsseq package
cancerdata Daniel Kosztyla Development and validation of diagnostic tests from high-dimensional molecular data: Datasets
CardinalWorkflows Kylie A. Bemis Datasets and workflows for the Cardinal mass spectrometry imaging package
ccdata Alex Pickering Data for Combination Connectivity Mapping (ccmap) Package
CCl4 Audrey Kauffmann Carbon Tetrachloride (CCl4) treated hepatocytes
ccTutorial Joern Toedling Data package for ChIP-chip tutorial
CellMapperData Brad Nelms Pre-processed data for use with the CellMapper package
ceu1kg VJ Carey CEU (N=60) genotypes from 1000 genomes pilot phase I
ceu1kgv VJ Carey expression + genotype on 79 unrelated CEU individuals
ceuhm3 VJ Carey ceuhm3: genotype (HapMap phase III) and expression data for CEPH CEU cohort
cgdv17 VJ Carey Complete Genomics Diversity Panel, chr17 on 46 individuals
ChAMPdata Yuan Tian Data Packages for ChAMP package
charmData Martin Aryee An example dataset for use with the charm package
cheung2010 Vince Carey resources for genetics of gene expression based on Cheung et al 2010
ChimpHumanBrainData Sean Davis Chimp and human brain data package Ryan P. Welch, Chee Lee, Raymond G. Cavalcante Gene set enrichment analysis for ChIP-seq data
ChIPXpressData George Wu ChIPXpress Pre-built Databases
chromstaRData Aaron Taudt ChIP-seq data for Demonstration Purposes
CLL Robert Gentleman A Package for CLL Gene Expression Data
cMap2data J. Saez-Rodriguez Connectivity Map (version 2) Data
cnvGSAdata Joseph Lugo Data used in the vignette of the cnvGSA package
COHCAPanno Charles Warden Annotations for City of Hope CpG Island Analysis Pipeline
colonCA W Sylvia Merk exprSet for Alon et al. (1999) colon cancer data
CONFESSdata Diana LOW Example dataset for CONFESS package
ConnectivityMap Paul Shannon Functional connections between drugs, genes and diseases as revealed by common gene-expression changes J Fah Sathirapongsasuti Data to support sexually dimorphic and COPD differential analysis for gene expression and methylation.
CopyhelpeR Thomas Kuilman Helper files for CopywriteR
CopyNumber450kData Simon Papillon-Cavanagh Example data for the Illumina Methylation 450k array
COSMIC.67 Julian Gehring COSMIC.67
CRCL18 Claudio Isella CRC cell line dataset
curatedBladderData Markus Riester Bladder Cancer Gene Expression Analysis
curatedBreastData Katie Planey Curated breast cancer gene expression data with survival and treatment information
curatedCRCData Princy Parsana Colorectal Cancer Gene Expression Analysis
curatedMetagenomicData Lucas Schiffer Curated Metagenomic Data of the Human Microbiome
curatedOvarianData Levi Waldron Clinically Annotated Data for the Ovarian Cancer Transcriptome
DAPARdata Samuel Wieczorek Data accompanying the DAPAR and Prostar packages
davidTiling Wolfgang Huber Data and analysis scripts for David, Huber et al. yeast tiling array paper
derfinderData Leonardo Collado-Torres Processed BigWigs from BrainSpan for examples
DeSousa2013 Xin Wang Poor prognosis colon cancer is defined by a molecularly distinct subtype and precursor lesion
diffloopdata Caleb Lareau Example ChIA-PET Datasets for the diffloop Package
diggitdata Mariano Javier Alvarez Example data for the diggit package
DLBCL Marcus Dittrich Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma expression data
DmelSGI Bernd Fischer Experimental data and documented source code for the paper "A Map of Directional Genetic Interactions in a Metazoan Cell"
DMRcatedata Tim Peters Data Package for DMRcate package
DonaPLLP2013 Joseph D. Barry Supplementary data package for Dona et al. (2013) containing example images and tables
DREAM4 Paul Shannon Synthetic Expression Data for Gene Regulatory Network Inference from the 2009 DREAM4 challenge
dressCheck Vincent Carey data and software for checking Dressman JCO 25(5) 2007
DrugVsDiseasedata J. Saez-Rodriguez Drug versus Disease Data
dsQTL VJ Carey dsQTL, data excerpt from Degner et al. 2012 Nature letter
DvDdata J. Saez-Rodriguez Drug versus Disease Data
dyebiasexamples Philip Lijnzaad Example data for the dyebias package, which implements the GASSCO method.
EatonEtAlChIPseq Patrick Aboyoun ChIP-seq data of ORC-binding sites in Yeast excerpted from Eaton et al. 2010
ecoliLeucine Laurent Gautier Experimental data with Affymetrix E. coli chips
EGSEAdata Monther Alhamdoosh Gene set collections for the EGSEA package Lijing Yao Data for the ELMER package
estrogen Wolfgang Huber Microarray dataset that can be used as example for 2x2 factorial designs
etec16s Joseph N. Paulson Individual-specific changes in the human gut microbiota after challenge with enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli and subsequent ciprofloxacin treatment
faahKO Colin A. Smith Saghatelian et al. (2004) FAAH knockout LC/MS data
fabiaData Sepp Hochreiter Data sets for FABIA (Factor Analysis for Bicluster Acquisition)
facopy.annot David Mosen-Ansorena Annotation for the copy number alteration association and enrichment analyses with facopy
facsDorit Florian Hahne DKFZ FACS example data
FANTOM3and4CAGE Vanja Haberle CAGE data from FANTOM3 and FANTOM4 projects
ffpeExampleData Levi Waldron Illumina DASL example microarray data
fibroEset Sylvia Merk exprSet for Karaman et al. (2003) fibroblasts data
FIs Herbert Braselmann Human Functional Interactions (FIs) for splineTimeR package
fission Michael Love RangedSummarizedExperiment for time course RNA-Seq of fission yeast in response to stress, by Leong et al., Nat Commun 2014.
Fletcher2013a Mauro Castro Gene expression data from breast cancer cells under FGFR2 signalling perturbation.
Fletcher2013b Mauro Castro Master regulators of FGFR2 signalling and breast cancer risk.
flowFitExampleData Davide Rambaldi Example data for the flowFit package
flowPloidyData Tyler Smith Example Flow Cytometry Data
flowQBData Josef Spidlen flowQB test and example data files
FlowSorted.Blood.450k Andrew E Jaffe Illumina HumanMethylation data on sorted blood cell populations
FlowSorted.CordBlood.450k Shan V. Andrews Illumina 450k data on sorted cord blood cells
FlowSorted.CordBloodNorway.450k kristina gervin Illumina HumanMethylation data on sorted cord blood cell populations
FlowSorted.DLPFC.450k Andrew E Jaffe Illumina HumanMethylation data on sorted frontal cortex cell populations
flowWorkspaceData Mike Jiang A data package containing two flowJo xml workspaces, associated fcs files and three GatingSets for testing the flowWorkspace and openCyto packages.
frmaExampleData Matthew N. McCall Frma Example Data Simon G. Coetzee Various data sets for use with the FunciSNP package
furrowSeg Joseph Barry Furrow Segmentation
gageData Weijun Luo Auxillary data for gage package
gaschYHS Vince Carey ExpressionSet for response of yeast to heat shock and other environmental stresses
gatingMLData J. Spidlen Data and XML files for Gating-ML Test suite
gcspikelite Mark Robinson Spike-in data for GC/MS data and methods within flagme
geneLenDataBase Nadia Davidson, Anthony Hawkins Lengths of mRNA transcripts for a number of genomes
genomationData Vedran Franke Experimental data for showing functionalities of the genomation package
GeuvadisTranscriptExpr Malgorzata Nowicka Data package with transcript expression and bi-allelic genotypes from the GEUVADIS project
geuvPack VJ Carey summarized experiment with expression data from GEUVADIS
geuvStore2 VJ Carey demonstrate storage discipline for eQTL enumerations, revised
GGdata VJ Carey all 90 hapmap CEU samples, 47K expression, 4mm SNP
golubEsets Vince Carey exprSets for golub leukemia data
grndata Pau Bellot Synthetic Expression Data for Gene Regulatory Network Inference
GSBenchMark Bahman Afsari Gene Set Benchmark
GSE62944 Bioconductor Package Maintainer GEO accession data GSE62944 as a SummarizedExperiment
gskb Valerie Bares Gene Set data for pathway analysis in mouse
GSVAdata Robert Castelo Data employed in the vignette of the GSVA package
GWASdata Stephanie Gogarten, Adrienne Stilp Data used in the examples and vignettes of the GWASTools package
h5vcData Paul Theodor Pyl Example data for the h5vc package
hapmap100khind Benilton Carvalho Sample data - Hapmap 100K HIND Affymetrix
hapmap100kxba Benilton Carvalho Sample data - Hapmap 100K XBA Affymetrix
hapmap500knsp Benilton Carvalho Sample data - Hapmap 500K NSP Affymetrix
hapmap500ksty Benilton Carvalho Sample data - Hapmap 500K STY Affymetrix
hapmapsnp5 Benilton Carvalho Sample data - Hapmap SNP 5.0 Affymetrix
hapmapsnp6 Benilton Carvalho Sample data - Hapmap SNP 6.0 Affymetrix
harbChIP VJ Carey Experimental Data Package: harbChIP
HarmanData Jason Ross Data for the Harman package
HD2013SGI Bernd Fischer Mapping genetic interactions in human cancer cells with RNAi and multiparametric phenotyping
healthyFlowData Ariful Azad Healthy dataset used by the flowMatch package
HEEBOdata Agnes Paquet HEEBO set and HEEBO controls.
HelloRangesData Michael Lawrence Data for the HelloRanges tutorial vignette
hgu133abarcodevecs Matthew N. McCall hgu133a data for barcode
hgu133plus2barcodevecs Matthew N. McCall hgu133plus2 data for barcode
hgu2beta7 Bioconductor Package Maintainer A data package containing annotation data for hgu2beta7
HiCDataHumanIMR90 Nicolas Servant Human IMR90 Fibroblast HiC data from Dixon et al. 2012
HiCDataLymphoblast Borbala Mifsud Human lymphoblastoid HiC data from Lieberman-Aiden et al. 2009
Hiiragi2013 Andrzej Oles Cell-to-cell expression variability followed by signal reinforcement progressively segregates early mouse lineages
HIVcDNAvantWout03 Chris Fraley T cell line infections with HIV-1 LAI (BRU)
hmyriB36 Vincent Carey YRI hapmap + expression (GENEVAR), Build 36, r23a genotypes
HSMMSingleCell Cole Trapnell Single-cell RNA-Seq for differentiating human skeletal muscle myoblasts (HSMM)
HumanAffyData Brad Nelms GEO accession GSE64985 and ArrayExpress accession E-MTAB-62 as ExpressionSet objects
humanStemCell R. Gentleman Human Stem Cells time course experiment
IHWpaper Nikos Ignatiadis Reproduce figures in IHW paper
Illumina450ProbeVariants.db Tiffany Morris Annotation Package combining variant data from 1000 Genomes Project for Illumina HumanMethylation450 Bead Chip probes
IlluminaDataTestFiles Kasper Daniel Hansen Illumina microarray files (IDAT) for testing
iontreeData Mingshu Cao Data provided to show the usage of functions in iontree package
ITALICSData Guillem Rigaill ITALICSData
Iyer517 Vince Carey exprSets for Iyer, Eisen et all 1999 Science paper
JASPAR2014 Ge Tan Data package for JASPAR
JASPAR2016 Ge Tan Data package for JASPAR 2016
JctSeqData Stephen Hartley Example Junction Count data for use with JunctionSeq
KEGGandMetacoreDzPathwaysGEO Gaurav Bhatti Disease Datasets from GEO
KEGGdzPathwaysGEO Gaurav Bhatti KEGG Disease Datasets from GEO
kidpack Wolfgang Huber DKFZ kidney package
KOdata Shana White LINCS Knock-Out Data Package
leeBamViews VJ Carey leeBamViews -- multiple yeast RNAseq samples excerpted from Lee 2009
leukemiasEset Sara Aibar Leukemia's microarray gene expression data (expressionSet).
LiebermanAidenHiC2009 Felix Klein Selected data from the HiC paper of E. Lieberman-Aiden et al. in Science (2009)
ListerEtAlBSseq Kamal Kishore BS-seq data of H1 and IMR90 cell line excerpted from Lister et al. 2009
lumiBarnes Pan Du Barnes Benchmark Illumina Tissues Titration Data
LungCancerACvsSCCGEO Adi Laurentiu Tarca A lung cancer dataset that can be used with maPredictDSC package for developing outcome prediction models from Affymetrix CEL files.
LungCancerLines Cory Barr Reads from Two Lung Cancer Cell Lines
lungExpression Robert Scharpf ExpressionSets for Parmigiani et al., 2004 Clinical Cancer Research paper
lydata Alex Pickering Example Dataset for crossmeta Package
M3DExampleData Tallulah Andrews M3Drop Example Data
mammaPrintData Luigi Marchionni RGLists from the Glas and Buyse breast cancer studies
mAPKLData Argiris Sakellariou Gene expression data for testing of the package mAPKL.
maqcExpression4plex Benilton Carvalho Sample Expression Data - MAQC / HG18 - NimbleGen
MAQCsubset VJ Carey Experimental Data Package: MAQCsubset
MAQCsubsetAFX Laurent Gatto MAQC data subset for the Affymetrix platform
MAQCsubsetILM Laurent Gatto MAQC data subset for the Illumina platform
MEALData Carlos Ruiz Example data of MEAL package
MEDIPSData Lukas Chavez Example data for MEDIPS and QSEA packages
MEEBOdata Agnes Paquet MEEBO set and MEEBO controls.
metaMSdata Ron Wehrens Example CDF data for the metaMS package
MethylAidData M. van Iterson MethylAid-summarized data on 2800 Illumina 450k array samples
minfiData Kasper Daniel Hansen Example data for the Illumina Methylation 450k array
minfiDataEPIC Kasper Daniel Hansen Example data for the Illumina Methylation EPIC array
minionSummaryData Mike Smith Summarised MinION sequencing data published by Ashton et al. 2015
miRcompData Matthew N. McCall Data used in the miRcomp package
miRNATarget Y-h. Taguchi gene target tabale of miRNA for human/mouse used for MiRaGE package
mitoODEdata Gregoire Pau Experimental data associated to the paper "Dynamical modelling of phenotypes in a genome-wide RNAi live-cell imaging assay" (submitted).
MMDiffBamSubset Gabriele Schweikert Example ChIP-Seq data for the MMDiff package
mosaicsExample Dongjun Chung Example data for the mosaics package, which implements MOSAiCS and MOSAiCS-HMM, a statistical framework to analyze one-sample or two-sample ChIP-seq data for transcription factor binding and histone modification
mouse4302barcodevecs Matthew N. McCall mouse4302 data for barcode
MSBdata Wolfgang Huber Data sets for the book 'Modern Statistics for Biology'
msd16s Joseph N. Paulson Healthy and moderate to severe diarrhea 16S expression data
msdata Steffen Neumann, Laurent Gatto Various Mass Spectrometry raw data example files
msPurityData Thomas N. Lawson Data to test the msPurity package
msqc1 Christian Panse Sigma mix MSQC1 data
mtbls2 Steffen Neumann MetaboLights MTBLS2: Comparative LC/MS-based profiling of silver nitrate-treated Arabidopsis thaliana leaves of wild-type and cyp79B2 cyp79B3 double knockout plants. Böttcher et al. (2004)
MUGAExampleData Daniel Gatti Example {M}ouse {U}niversal {G}enotyping {A}rray data for genome reconstruction and quantitative trait locus mapping.
Mulder2012 Xin Wang Predicting functional networks and modules of chromatin factors controlling adult stem cell fate from RNA interference screens
mvoutData VJ Carey affy and illumina raw data for assessing outlier detector performance
NCIgraphData Laurent Jacob Data for the NCIgraph software package
Neve2006 VJ Carey expression and CGH data on breast cancer cell lines
NGScopyData Xiaobei Zhao Subset of BAM files of human tumor and pooled normal sequencing data (Zhao et al. 2014) for the NGScopy package
parathyroidSE Michael Love RangedSummarizedExperiment for RNA-Seq of primary cultures of parathyroid tumors by Haglund et al., J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2012.
pasilla Alejandro Reyes Data package with per-exon and per-gene read counts of RNA-seq samples of Pasilla knock-down by Brooks et al., Genome Research 2011.
pasillaBamSubset H. Pages Subset of BAM files from "Pasilla" experiment
PasillaTranscriptExpr Malgorzata Nowicka Data package with transcript expression obtained with kallisto from pasilla knock-down RNA-Seq data from Brooks et al.
PathNetData Jason B. Smith Experimental data for the PathNet package
pcaGoPromoter.Hs.hg19 Morten Hansen pcaGoPromoter.Hs.hg19 is a data package used by pcaGoPromoter
pcaGoPromoter.Mm.mm9 Morten Hansen pcaGoPromoter.Mm.mm9 is a data package used by pcaGoPromoter
pcaGoPromoter.Rn.rn4 Morten Hansen, pcaGoPromoter.Rn.rn4 is a data package used by pcaGoPromoter
PCHiCdata Paula Freire-Pritchett Promoter Capture Hi-C data
pd.atdschip.tiling Kristof De Beuf Platform Design Info for Affymetrix Atdschip_tiling
pepDat Renan Sauteraud Peptide microarray data package
PGPC Felix Klein Experimental data and analysis of the chemical-genetic interaction screen in isogenic HCT116 cell lines
plasFIA Alexis Delabriere FIA-HRMS plasma dataset
ppiData Bioconductor Package Maintainer A package that contains the bait to prey directed graphs for protein-protein interactions.
prebsdata Karolis Uziela Data for 'prebs' package
PREDAsampledata Francesco Ferrari expression and copy number data on clear cell renal carcinoma samples
ProData Xiaochun Li SELDI-TOF data of Breast cancer samples
pRolocdata Laurent Gatto Data accompanying the pRoloc package
prostateCancerCamcap Mark Dunning Prostate Cancer Data
prostateCancerGrasso Mark Dunning Prostate Cancer Data
prostateCancerStockholm Mark Dunning Prostate Cancer Data
prostateCancerTaylor Mark Dunning Prostate Cancer Data
prostateCancerVarambally Mark Dunning Prostate Cancer Data
PtH2O2lipids James Collins P. tricornutum HPLC-ESI-MS Lipid Data from van Creveld et al. (2015)
pumadata Richard Pearson Various data sets for use with the puma package
PWMEnrich.Dmelanogaster.background Robert Stojnic D. melanogaster background for PWMEnrich
PWMEnrich.Hsapiens.background Robert Stojnic H. sapiens background for PWMEnrich
PWMEnrich.Mmusculus.background Robert Stojnic M. musculus background for PWMEnrich
QDNAseq.hg19 Daoud Sie QDNAseq bin annotation for hg19
QDNAseq.mm10 Daoud Sie Bin annotation mm10
QUBICdata Yu Zhang Data employed in the vignette of the QUBIC package
rcellminerData Augustin Luna, Vinodh Rajapakse rcellminerData: Molecular Profiles and Drug Response for the NCI-60 Cell Lines
RforProteomics Laurent Gatto Companion package to the 'Using R and Bioconductor for proteomics data analysis' publication
rheumaticConditionWOLLBOLD Alejandro Quiroz-Zarate Normalized gene expression dataset published by Wollbold et al. [2009] (WOLLBOLD).
RIPSeekerData Alejandro Reyes test data for RIPSeeker
RMassBankData Michael Stravs, Emma Schymanski Test dataset for RMassBank
RNAinteractMAPK Bernd Fischer Mapping of Signalling Networks through Synthetic Genetic Interaction Analysis by RNAi
RNAseqData.HNRNPC.bam.chr14 H. Pages Aligned reads from RNAseq experiment: Transcription profiling by high throughput sequencing of HNRNPC knockdown and control HeLa cells
RnaSeqSampleSizeData Shilin Zhao RnaSeqSampleSizeData
RnaSeqTutorial Nicolas Delhomme RNA-Seq Tutorial (EBI Cambridge UK, October 2011)
RnBeads.hg19 RnBeadsAnnotationCreator RnBeads.hg19
RnBeads.hg38 RnBeadsAnnotationCreator RnBeads.hg38
RnBeads.mm10 RnBeadsAnnotationCreator RnBeads.mm10
RnBeads.mm9 RnBeadsAnnotationCreator RnBeads.mm9
RnBeads.rn5 RnBeadsAnnotationCreator RnBeads.rn5
RRBSdata Katja Hebestreit An RRBS data set with 12 samples and 10,000 simulated DMRs
rRDPData Michael Hahsler Database for the Default RDP Classifier
RTCGA.clinical Marcin Kosinski Clinical datasets from The Cancer Genome Atlas Project
RTCGA.CNV Marcin Kosinski CNV (Copy-number variation) datasets from The Cancer Genome Atlas Project
RTCGA.methylation Marcin Kosinski Methylation datasets from The Cancer Genome Atlas Project
RTCGA.miRNASeq Marcin Kosinski miRNASeq datasets from The Cancer Genome Atlas Project
RTCGA.mRNA Marcin Kosinski mRNA datasets from The Cancer Genome Atlas Project
RTCGA.mutations Marcin Kosinski Mutations datasets from The Cancer Genome Atlas Project
RTCGA.PANCAN12 Marcin Kosinski PanCan 12 from Genome Cancer Browser
RTCGA.rnaseq Marcin Kosinski Rna-seq datasets from The Cancer Genome Atlas Project
RTCGA.RPPA Marcin Kosinski RPPA datasets from The Cancer Genome Atlas Project
RUVnormalizeData Laurent Jacob Gender data for the RUVnormalize package
SCLCBam Thomas Kuilman Sequence data from chromosome 4 of a small-cell lung tumor
scRNAseq Davide Risso A Collection of Public Single-Cell RNA-Seq Datasets Xinan Holly Yang data set for R package seq2pathway
seqc Yang Liao and Wei Shi RNA-seq data generated from SEQC (MAQC-III) study
seqCNA.annot David Mosen-Ansorena Annotation for the copy number analysis of deep sequencing cancer data with seqCNA
serumStimulation Morten Hansen, serumStimulation is a data package which is used by examples in package pcaGoPromoter
seventyGeneData Luigi Marchionni ExpressionSets from the van't Veer and Van de Vijver breast cancer studies
shinyMethylData Jean-Philippe Fortin Example dataset of input data for shinyMethyl
simpIntLists Kircicegi Korkmaz The package contains BioGRID interactions for various organisms in a simple format
Single.mTEC.Transcriptomes Alejandro Reyes Single Cell Transcriptome Data and Analysis of Mouse mTEC cells
SNAData Denise Scholtens Social Networks Analysis Data Examples
SNAGEEdata David Venet SNAGEE data
SNPhoodData Christian Arnold Additional and more complex example data for the SNPhood package
SomatiCAData Mengjie Chen An example cancer whole genome sequencing data for the SomatiCA package
SomaticCancerAlterations Julian Gehring Somatic Cancer Alterations
SpikeIn Rafael A. Irizarry Affymetrix Spike-In Experiment Data
SpikeInSubset Rafael A. Irizarry Part of Affymetrix's Spike-In Experiment Data
stemHypoxia Cristobal Fresno Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells under Hypoxia gene expression dataset by Prado-Lopez et al. (2010)
stjudem Joern Toedling Microarray Data from Yeoh et al. in MACAT format
SVM2CRMdata Guidantonio Malagoli Tagliazucchi An example dataset for use with the SVM2CRM package
synapterdata Laurent Gatto Data accompanying the synapter package
systemPipeRdata Thomas Girke systemPipeRdata: NGS workflow templates and sample data
TargetScoreData Yue Li TargetScoreData
TargetSearchData Alvaro Cuadros-Inostroza Example GC-MS data for TargetSearch Package
TBX20BamSubset D. Bindreither Subset of BAM files from the "TBX20" experiment
TCGAcrcmiRNA Claudio Isella TCGA CRC 450 miRNA dataset
TCGAcrcmRNA Claudio Isella TCGA CRC 450 mRNA dataset
TCGAMethylation450k Sean Davis The Cancer Genome Atlas Illumina 450k methylation example data
TimerQuant Joseph Barry Timer Quantification
tinesath1cdf Tine Casneuf tinesath1cdf
tinesath1probe Tine Casneuf Probe sequence data for microarrays of type tinesath1
tofsimsData Lorenz Gerber Import, process and analysis of ToF-SIMS imaging data
tweeDEseqCountData Juan R Gonzalez RNA-seq count data employed in the vignette of the tweeDEseq package
tximportData Michael Love tximportData
waveTilingData Kristof De Beuf waveTiling Example Data
WES.1KG.WUGSC Yuchao Jiang Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) of chromosome 22 401st to 500th exon from the 1000 Genomes (1KG) Project by the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center (WUGSC).
XhybCasneuf Tineke Casneuf EBI/PSB cross-hybridisation study package
yeastCC Sandrine Dudoit Spellman et al. (1998) and Pramila/Breeden (2006) yeast cell cycle microarray data
yeastExpData R. Gentleman Yeast Experimental Data
yeastGSData R. Gentleman Yeast Gold Standard Data
yeastNagalakshmi Bioconductor Package Maintainer Yeast genome RNA sequencing data based on Nagalakshmi et. al.
yeastRNASeq J. Bullard Yeast RNA-Seq Experimental Data from Lee et al. 2008
yri1kgv VJ Carey expression + genotype on 79 unrelated YRI individuals
yriMulti VJ Carey support for expression, methylation, DHS, VCF for YRI
zebrafishRNASeq Davide Risso Zebrafish RNA-Seq Experimental Data from Ferreira et al. (2014)

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