The zenith package builds on EnrichmentBrowser to provde access to a range of gene set databases. Genesets can take ~1 min to download and load the first time. They are automatically cached on disk, so loading the second time takes just a second.

Easy loading of gene set databases

Here are some shortcuts to load common databases:


## MSigDB as ENSEMBL genes
# all genesets in MSigDB
gs.msigdb = get_MSigDB()

# only Hallmark gene sets
gs = get_MSigDB('H')

# only C1
gs = get_MSigDB('C1')

# C1 and C2
gs = get_MSigDB(c('C1', 'C2'))

# C1 as gene SYMBOL
gs = get_MSigDB('C1', to="SYMBOL")

# C1 as gene ENTREZ
gs = get_MSigDB('C1', to="ENTREZ")

## Gene Ontology
gs.go = get_GeneOntology()

# load Biological Process and gene SYMBOL
gs.go = get_GeneOntology("BP", to="SYMBOL")

Other databases

EnrichmentBrowser provides additional databases (i.e. KEGG, Enrichr), alternate gene identifiers (i.e. ENSEMBL, ENTREZ) or species (i.e. hsa, mmu)


gs.kegg = getGenesets(org = "hsa", 
                      db = "kegg", 
             = "ENSEMBL", 
                      return.type = "GeneSetCollection")

## ENRICHR resource
# provides many additional gene set databases
df = showAvailableCollections( org = "hsa", db = "enrichr")


# Allen_Brain_Atlas_10x_scRNA_2021
gs.allen = getGenesets( org = "hsa", 
                        db = "enrichr", 
                        lib = "Allen_Brain_Atlas_10x_scRNA_2021",
               = "ENSEMBL", 
                        return.type = "GeneSetCollection")

Custom gene sets

# Load gene sets from GMT file
gmt.file <- system.file("extdata/hsa_kegg_gs.gmt",
                       package = "EnrichmentBrowser")
gs <- getGenesets(gmt.file)