interactiveDisplayBase uses the function display() to host a browser based application on the fly using the Shiny package. Shiny UI elements are available based on the object passed to display(). These allow the user to modify how the plot is displayed, and for some objects, modify or subset the data and send it back to the console.


Many of the display method will have a button that allows you return subset values back to the R session. To use these, couple the intial call with an assignment operator like this:

mtcars2 <- display(mtcars)

Once you leave the diplay web gui, the results of the above interaction will be captured inside of mtcars2.


Joe Cheng and Winston Chang

Force Layout
Jeff Allen

Simon Potter

Zoom/Pan JavaScript libraries
John Krauss
Andrea Leofreddi

JavaScript Color Chooser
Jan Odvarko

Data-Driven Documents
Michael Bostock

Javascript for returning values from data.frames
Kirill Savin

Help with the display method for data.frames
Dan Tenenbaum