Customizing the menus in affylmGUI (for Advanced users)

The pull-down menus in affylmGUI are defined in affylmGUI-menus.txt in the etc subdirectory of the affylmGUI package installation. To find out exactly where this directory is on your computer, you can paste the following into R:


R source files can be added to this etc directory (and must have extension .R).

Try uncommenting (i.e. removing the # from) the histogram menu item in affylmGUI-menus.txt to enable the histogram command in the plot menu.

You can add as many menu items as you wish.

The reason that the histogram example plots the graph in the standard R graphics device rather than in a Tk window is simply to keep this example brief and avoid calling tkrplot. Generally graphs are plotted in Tk windows and users of the Windows operating system can keep their main RGui window minimized while they run affylmGUI.