1 Overview

The AnnotationHubData package package provides tools to acquire, annotate, convert and store data for use in Bioconductor’s AnnotationHub. Most of the functions will be used by the Bioconcutor Core Team. For information on how to use AnnotationHub or how to create an AnnotationHub package please see the vignettes in AnnotationHub.

2 Creating an AnnotationHub Package or Converting to an AnnotationHub Package

Please see AnnotationHub Vignette “CreateAHubPackage”.

vignette("CreateAHubPackage", package="AnnotationHub")

3 Historical vignettes

The process for adding data to AnnotationHub has evolved substantially since the first vignettes were written. Much of the information contained in those documents is outdated or applicable only to repeat-run recipes added to the code base. These documents have been retained for historical purposes and are located in the inst/scripts/ directory of the AnnotationHubData package.