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Bioconductor version: 2.8

Package Maintainer Title
affycompData Harris Jaffee affycomp data
affydata Harris Jaffee Affymetrix Data for Demonstration Purpose
AffymetrixDataTestFiles Henrik Bengtsson Affymetrix data files (CEL, CDF, CHP, EXP, PSI) for testing
ALL Robert Gentleman A data package
ALLMLL B. M. Bolstad A subset of arrays from a large acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) study
AmpAffyExample Rafael A. Irizarry Example of Amplified Data
beta7 Jean Yang Rodriguez et al. (2004) Differential Gene Expression by Memory/Effector T Helper Cells Bearing the Gut-Homing Receptor Integrin alpha4 beta7.
bladderbatch Jeffrey T. Leek Bladder gene expression data illustrating batch effects
breastCancerMAINZ Markus Schroeder, Benjamin Haibe-Kains Gene expression dataset published by Schmidt et al. [2008] (MAINZ).
breastCancerNKI Markus Schroeder, Benjamin Haibe-Kains Genexpression dataset published by van't Veer et al. [2002] and van de Vijver et al. [2002] (NKI).
breastCancerTRANSBIG Markus Schroeder, Benjamin Haibe-Kains Gene expression dataset published by Desmedt et al. [2007] (TRANSBIG).
breastCancerUNT Markus Schroeder, Benjamin Haibe-Kains Gene expression dataset published by Sotiriou et al. [2007] (UNT).
breastCancerUPP Markus Schroeder, Benjamin Haibe-Kains Gene expression dataset published by Miller et al. [2005] (UPP).
breastCancerVDX Markus Schroeder, Benjamin Haibe-Kains Gene expression datasets published by Wang et al. [2005] and Minn et al. [2007] (VDX).
bronchialIL13 Vince Carey time course experiment involving il13
CCl4 Audrey Kauffmann Carbon Tetrachloride (CCl4) treated hepatocytes
ccTutorial Joern Toedling Data package for ChIP-chip tutorial
ceu1kg VJ Carey CEU (N=60) genotypes from 1000 genomes pilot phase I
ceuhm3 VJ Carey ceuhm3: genotype (HapMap phase III) and expression data for CEPH CEU cohort
charmData Martin Aryee An example dataset for use with the charm package
cheung2010 Vince Carey resources for genetics of gene expression based on Cheung et al 2010
CLL Robert Gentleman A Package for CLL Gene Expression Data
colonCA W Sylvia Merk exprSet for Alon et al. (1999) colon cancer data
davidTiling Wolfgang Huber Data and analysis scripts for David, Huber et al. yeast tiling array paper
DLBCL Marcus Dittrich Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma expression data
dressCheck Vincent Carey data and software for checking Dressman JCO 25(5) 2007
dyebiasexamples Philip Lijnzaad Example data for the dyebias package, which implements the GASSCO method.
EatonEtAlChIPseq Patrick Aboyoun ChIP-seq data of ORC-binding sites in Yeast excerpted from Eaton et al. 2010
ecoliLeucine Laurent Gautier Experimental data with Affymetrix E. coli chips
encoDnaseI VJ Carey data provided by UCSC for Cd4 raw measures of DnaseI hypersensitivity
estrogen R. Gentleman 2x2 factorial design exercise for the Bioconductor short course
faahKO Colin A. Smith Saghatelian et al. (2004) FAAH knockout LC/MS data
facsDorit Florian Hahne DKFZ FACS example data
fibroEset Sylvia Merk exprSet for Karaman et al. (2003) fibroblasts data
flowWorkspaceData Greg Finak A data package containing a flowJo xml workspace and associated fcs files for testing the flowWorkspace package.
frmaExampleData Matthew N. McCall Frma Example Data
gageData Weijun Luo Auxillary data for gage package
gaschYHS Vince Carey ExpressionSet for response of yeast to heat shock and other environmental stresses
gatingMLData Nishant Gopalakrishnan Data and XML files for GatingML Test suite
gcspikelite Mark Robinson Spike-in data for GC/MS data and methods within flagme
geneLenDataBase Matthew Young Lengths of mRNA transcripts for a number of genomes
GenomicFeatures.Hsapiens.UCSC.hg18 Biocore Data Team A transient package to store various Genomic Features for Human
GenomicFeatures.Mmusculus.UCSC.mm9 Biocore Data Team A transient package to store various Genomic Features for Mouse
GGdata VJ Carey all 90 hapmap CEU samples, 47K expression, 4mm SNP
golubEsets Vince Carey exprSets for golub leukemia data
GSVAdata Robert Castelo Data employed in the vignette of the GSVA package
GWASdata Stephanie Gogarten Data used in the examples and vignettes of the GWASTools package
hapmap100khind Benilton Carvalho Sample data - Hapmap 100K HIND Affymetrix
hapmap100kxba Benilton Carvalho Sample data - Hapmap 100K XBA Affymetrix
hapmap500knsp Benilton Carvalho Sample data - Hapmap 500K NSP Affymetrix
hapmap500ksty Benilton Carvalho Sample data - Hapmap 500K STY Affymetrix
hapmapsnp5 Benilton Carvalho Sample data - Hapmap SNP 5.0 Affymetrix
hapmapsnp6 Benilton Carvalho Sample data - Hapmap SNP 5.0 Affymetrix
harbChIP VJ Carey Experimental Data Package: harbChIP
HEEBOdata Agnes Paquet HEEBO set and HEEBO controls.
hgu133abarcodevecs Matthew N. McCall hgu133a data for barcode
hgu133afrmavecs Matthew N. McCall Vectors used by frma for microarrays of type hgu133a
hgu133plus2barcodevecs Matthew N. McCall hgu133plus2 data for barcode
hgu133plus2frmavecs Matthew N. McCall Vectors used by frma for microarrays of type hgu133plus2
hgu2beta7 Biocore Team c/o BioC user list A data package containing annotation data for hgu2beta7
HIVcDNAvantWout03 Chris Fraley T cell line infections with HIV-1 LAI (BRU)
hmyriB36 Vincent Carey YRI hapmap + expression (GENEVAR), Build 36, r23a genotypes
humanStemCell R. Gentleman Human Stem Cells time course experiment
ind1KG VJ Carey Data from 1000 Genomes, NA19240 (female) chr6 excerpt
iontreeData Mingshu Cao Data provided to show the usage of functions in iontree package
ITALICSData Guillem Rigaill ITALICSData
Iyer517 Vince Carey exprSets for Iyer, Eisen et all 1999 Science paper
kidpack Wolfgang Huber DKFZ kidney package
leeBamViews VJ Carey leeBamViews -- multiple yeast RNAseq samples excerpted from Lee 2009
lumiBarnes Pan Du Barnes Benchmark Illumina Tissues Titration Data
lungExpression Robert Scharpf ExpressionSets for Parmigiani et al., 2004 Clinical Cancer Research paper
maqcExpression4plex Benilton Carvalho Sample Expression Data - MAQC / HG18 - NimbleGen
MAQCsubset VJ Carey Experimental Data Package: MAQCsubset
MAQCsubsetAFX Laurent Gatto MAQC data subset for the Affymetrix platform
MAQCsubsetILM Laurent Gatto MAQC data subset for the Illumina platform
MEEBOdata Agnes Paquet MEEBO set and MEEBO controls.
mosaicsExample Dongjun Chung Example data for the mosaics package, which implements MOSAiCS, a statistical framework to analyze one-sample or two-sample ChIP-seq data
mouse4302barcodevecs Matthew N. McCall mouse4302 data for barcode
mouse4302frmavecs Matthew N. McCall Vectors used by frma for microarrays of type mouse4302
msdata Steffen Neumann Various Mass Spectrometry raw data example files
mvoutData VJ Carey affy and illumina raw data for assessing outlier detector performance
NCIgraphData Laurent Jacob Data for the NCIgraph software package
Neve2006 VJ Carey expression and CGH data on breast cancer cell lines
ppiData Tony Chiang A package that contains the bait to prey directed graphs for protein-protein interactions.
ProData Xiaochun Li SELDI-TOF data of Breast cancer samples
pumadata Richard Pearson Various data sets for use with the puma package
rfcdmin N. Le Meur Minimal Data Library for RFlowCyt examples
RNAinteractMAPK Bernd Fischer Mapping of Signalling Networks through Synthetic Genetic Interaction Analysis by RNAi
simpIntLists Kircicegi Korkmaz The package contains BioGRID interactions for various organisms in a simple format
SNAData Denise Scholtens Social Networks Analysis Data Examples
SpikeIn Rafael A. Irizarry Affymetrix Spike-In Experiment Data
SpikeInSubset Rafael A. Irizarry Part of Affymetrix's Spike-In Experiment Data
stjudem Joern Toedling Microarray Data from Yeoh et al. in MACAT format
TargetSearchData Alvaro Cuadros-Inostroza Henning Redestig, Matt Hannah Example GC-MS data for TargetSearch Package
tinesath1cdf Tine Casneuf tinesath1cdf
tinesath1probe Tine Casneuf Probe sequence data for microarrays of type tinesath1
XhybCasneuf Tineke Casneuf EBI/PSB cross-hybridisation study package
yeastCC Sandrine Dudoit Spellman et al. (1998) and Pramila/Breeden (2006) yeast cell cycle microarray data
yeastExpData R. Gentleman Yeast Experimental Data
yeastGSData R. Gentleman Yeast Gold Standard Data
yeastNagalakshmi Biocore Team c/o BioC user list Yeast genome RNA sequencing data based on Nagalakshmi et. al.
yeastRNASeq J. Bullard Yeast RNA-Seq Experimental Data from Lee et al. 2008

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