1 Background

The aim of mimager is to simplify the process of imaging microarrays and inspecting them for spatial artifacts by providing a single visualization function (mimage()) that works consistently with many of Bioconductor’s microarray object classes. Currently, mimager supports AffyBatch objects from the affy package, PLMset objects from the affyPLM package, ExpressionFeatureSet, ExonFeatureSet, GeneFeatureSet and SnpFeatureSet classes from the oligoClasses package, and the oligoPLM class from the oligo package.

2 Installation

You can install the latest release of mimager from Bioconductor:


3 Basic visualization

In this vignette we’ll work with the Dilution data provided by the affydata package.


The most basic functionality of mimage() is to produce a visualization of the probe-level intensities arranged by their physical location on the chip:

mimage(Dilution, select = 1)