dataDir <- system.file("extdata",package="flowWorkspaceData")

1: suppoort 3 types of plot constructor

  • represent different levels of complexity and flexibility
  • meet the needs of various plot applications
  • suitable for users at different levels of coding skills.

low level: ggplot

The overloaded fority methods empower ggplot to work with all the major Cytometry data structures right away, which allows users to do all kinds of highly customized and versitled plots.


gs <- load_gs(list.files(dataDir, pattern = "gs_manual",full = TRUE))
attr(gs, "subset") <- "CD3+"
ggplot(gs, aes(x = `<B710-A>`, y = `<R780-A>`)) + geom_hex(bins = 128) + scale_fill_gradientn(colours = gray.colors(9))