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Package Maintainer Title
AffyExpress Xuejun Arthur Li Affymetrix Quality Assessment and Analysis Tool
affylmGUI Keith Satterley GUI for affy analysis using limma package
affyPLM Ben Bolstad Methods for fitting probe-level models
affyQCReport Craig Parman QC Report Generation for affyBatch objects
altcdfenvs Laurent Gautier alternative CDF environments (aka probeset mappings)
arrayMvout V. Carey multivariate outlier detection for expression array QA
arrayQuality Agnes Paquet Assessing array quality on spotted arrays
arrayQualityMetrics Audrey Kauffmann Quality metrics on microarray data sets
ArrayTools Arthur Li geneChip Analysis Package
beadarray Mark Dunning Quality assessment and low-level analysis for Illumina BeadArray data
dyebias Philip Lijnzaad Methods to correct for gene-specific dye bias
HELP Reid F. Thompson Tools for HELP data analysis
limma Gordon Smyth Linear Models for Microarray Data
limmaGUI Keith Satterley GUI for limma package
MANOR Pierre Neuvial CGH Micro-Array NORmalization
OLIN Matthias Futschik Optimized local intensity-dependent normalisation of two-color microarrays
OLINgui Matthias Futschik Graphical user interface for OLIN
oneChannelGUI Raffaele A Calogero This package extends the capabilities of affylmGUI graphical interface. Affymetrix 3' IVT, gene an exon arrays are actually implemented togheter with Illumina, GEO matrix series files and tab delimited files.
rama Raphael Gottardo Robust Analysis of MicroArrays
Ringo J. Toedling R Investigation of ChIP-chip Oligoarrays
RNAither Nora Rieber Statistical analysis of high-throughput RNAi screens
simpleaffy Crispin Miller Very simple high level analysis of Affymetrix data
spikeLI Enrico Carlon Affymetrix Spike-in Langmuir Isotherm Data Analysis Tool
spotSegmentation Chris Fraley Microarray Spot Segmentation and Gridding for Blocks of Microarray Spots
yaqcaffy Laurent Gatto Affymetrix expression data quality control and reproducibility analysis