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Package Maintainer Title
aCGH Jane Fridlyand Classes and functions for Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization data.
Biostrings H. Pages String objects representing biological sequences, and matching algorithms
BSgenome H. Pages Infrastructure for Biostrings-based genome data packages
fbat The R Genetics Project Family Based Association Tests for genetic data.
GeneR Y. d'Aubenton-Carafa R for genes and sequences analysis
GeneRfold Antoine Lucas R for genes and sequences, using viennaRNA package (fold)
GeneticsBase The R Genetics Project Classes and functions for handling genetic data
GeneticsDesign The R Genetics Project Functions for designing genetics studies
GeneticsPed The R Genetics Project Pedigree and genetic relationship functions
genomeIntervals Julien Gagneur Operations on genomic intervals
GGBase Vince Carey infrastructure for genetics of gene expression (c) 2008 VJ Carey
GGtools Vince Carey software and data for genetical genomics (c) 2006 VJ Carey
IRanges Biocore Team c/o BioC user list Infrastructure for manipulating intervals on sequences
logicFS Holger Schwender Identification of SNP Interactions
LPEadj Carl Murie A correction of the local pooled error (LPE) method to replace the asymptotic variance adjustment with an unbiased adjustment based on sample size.
MassSpecWavelet Pan Du Mass spectrum processing by wavelet-based algorithms
PAnnBuilder Li Hong Protein annotation data package builder
PCpheno Nolwenn Le Meur Phenotypes and cellular organizational units
plgem Norman Pavelka Power Law Global Error Model
PLPE Soo-heang Eo Local Pooled Error Test for Differential Expression with Paired High-throughput Data
ppiStats Tony Chiang Protein-Protein Interaction Statistical Package
PROcess Xiaochun Li Ciphergen SELDI-TOF Processing
Rintact Tony Chiang Interface to EBI Intact protein interaction data base
RpsiXML Jitao David Zhang R interface to PSI-MI 2.5 files
ScISI Tony Chiang In Silico Interactome
SLGI Nolwenn Le Meur Synthetic Lethal Genetic Interaction