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Package Maintainer Title
annaffy Colin A. Smith Annotation tools for Affymetrix biological metadata
annotate Biocore Team c/o BioC user list Annotation for microarrays
Category Robert Gentleman Category Analysis
domainsignatures Florian Hahne Geneset enrichment based on InterPro domain signatures
GlobalAncova R. Meister Calculates a global test for differential gene expression between groups
globaltest Jelle Goeman Testing Association of Groups of Genes with a Clinical Variable
KEGGSOAP Robert Gentleman Client-side SOAP access KEGG
miRNApath James M. Ward miRNApath: Pathway Enrichment for miRNA Expression Data
nem Florian Markowetz Nested Effects Models to reconstruct phenotypic hierarchies
occugene Oliver Will Functions for Multinomial Occupancy Distribution