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Package Maintainer Title
affxparser Kasper Daniel Hansen Affymetrix File Parsing SDK
AffyCompatible Martin Morgan Affymetrix GeneChip software compatibility
affyContam V. Carey structured corruption of affymetrix cel file data
affyio Benjamin Milo Bolstad Tools for parsing Affymetrix data files
AnnotationDbi Biocore Team c/o BioC user list Annotation Database Interface
aroma.light Henrik Bengtsson Light-weight methods for normalization and visualization of microarray data using only basic R data types
arrayMvout V. Carey multivariate outlier detection for expression array QA
Biobase Biocore Team c/o BioC user list Biobase: Base functions for Bioconductor
BiocCaseStudies Biocore Team c/o BioC user list BiocCaseStudies: Support for the Case Studies Monograph
biocViews Biocore Team c/o BioC user list Categorized views of R package repositories
BioMVCClass Elizabeth Whalen Model-View-Controller (MVC) Classes That Use Biobase
Biostrings H. Pages String objects representing biological sequences, and matching algorithms
BSgenome H. Pages Infrastructure for Biostrings-based genome data packages
BufferedMatrix Benjamin Milo Bolstad A matrix data storage object held in temporary files
BufferedMatrixMethods B. M. Bolstad Microarray Data related methods that utlize BufferedMatrix objects
CGHbase Sjoerd Vosse CGHbase: Base functions and classes for arrayCGH data analysis.
convert Yee Hwa (Jean) Yang Convert Microarray Data Objects
DynDoc Biocore Team c/o BioC user list Dynamic document tools
externalVector Biocore Team c/o BioC user list Vector objects for R with external storage
flowCore Nolwenn Le Meur flowCore: Basic structures for flow cytometry data
flowQ N. Le Meur Qualitiy control for flow cytometry
flowUtils Nishant Gopalakrishnan Utilities for flow cytometry
flowViz Florian Hahne Visualization for flow cytometry
GeneSpring Thon de Boer GeneSpring R Integration Functions
GeneTraffic Daniel Iordan GeneTraffic R Integration Functions
GEOmetadb Jack Zhu A compilation of metadata from NCBI GEO
GSEABase Biocore Team c/o BioC user list Gene set enrichment data structures and methods
hypergraph Robert Gentleman A package providing hypergraph data structures
Icens Biocore Team c/o BioC user list NPMLE for Censored and Truncated Data
IRanges Biocore Team c/o BioC user list Low-level containers for storing sets of integer ranges
makePlatformDesign Benilton Carvalho Platform Design Package
microRNA Robert Gentleman Data and functions for dealing with microRNAs
MVCClass Elizabeth Whalen Model-View-Controller (MVC) Classes
oligoClasses Benilton Carvalho Classes for high-throughput SNP arrays
ontoTools Vince Carey graphs and sparse matrices for working with ontologies; formal objects for nomenclatures with provenance management
pdInfoBuilder Benilton Carvalho Platform Design Information Package Builder
pgUtils Johannes Rainer Utility functions for PostgreSQL databases
pkgDepTools Seth Falcon Package Dependency Tools
preprocessCore Benjamin Milo Bolstad A collection of pre-processing functions
Rdbi Jianhua Zhang Generic database methods
RdbiPgSQL Jianhua Zhang PostgreSQL access
rflowcyt N. LeMeur Statistical tools and data structures for analytic flow cytometry
Rintact Tony Chiang Interface to EBI Intact protein interaction data base
RpsiXML Jitao David Zhang R interface to PSI-MI 2.5 files
Rredland VJ Carey interface to redland RDF utilities
Ruuid Biocore Team c/o BioC user list Ruuid: Provides Universally Unique ID values
RWebServices Martin Morgan Expose R functions as web services through Java/Axis/Apache
ShortRead Biocore Team c/o BioC user list Base classes and methods for high-throughput short-read sequencing data.
splicegear Laurent Gautier splicegear
tkWidgets J. Zhang R based tk widgets
TypeInfo Duncan Temple Lang Optional Type Specification Prototype
weaver Seth Falcon Tools and extensions for processing Sweave documents
webbioc Colin A. Smith Bioconductor Web Interface
widgetInvoke Jeff Gentry Evaluation widgets for functions
widgetTools Jianhua Zhang Creates an interactive tcltk widget